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Preserving Cultural Identity and Enhancing Integration

Who we are and what we do


The Eritrean Community Centre (ECC) was set up in April 2000 under the umbrella of the Eritrean Orthodox Christian Community Church (charity registration number 1044069).

The ECC aims to provide mother tongue (Tigrinya) education and supplementary education to young Eritreans. The Centre also aims to address the pastoral needs of both pupils and their families. To this end, the organisation has strong parental involvement, both in classroom and support activities.

The principal activities of the ECC are designed to address the lack of mother tongue and supplementary education available to young Eritrean children, by organising various classes during the evenings and weekends. The Centre also provides social events to raise cultural awareness among all its members.

The work of the ECC is integral and striving for balance in preserving cutural identity and enhancing the academic performance amongst Eritreans. The Centre therefore provides improved learning opportunity for Eritrean children to study and improve their mother tongue and other supplementary lessons, which in turn help to create a study regime to better cope with mainstream schoolwork.

The Centre receives funding from its parent organisation, the Eritrean Orthodox Christian Community Church and other external donors, including the London Borough of Southwark and Community Fund (Awards For All).

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4th Annual Oriental Orthodox Festival was celebrated on Saturday the 14th of May

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ፍሉይ መደብ / New Course

ብምኽንያት ዓብዪ ጾም 3 ወርሒ ዝካየድ..

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ስብከት / Sermon

መዝሙር / Hymn

እሴብህ ጸጋኪ

Books መጻሕፍቲ/ስነ-ጽሑፍ

መጽሓፍ መዝሙር / Hymn Book

መጽሓፍ ቅዳሴ / Liturgy Book

ቅዳሴ / Liturgy Powerpoint

መጽሓፍ ስንክሳር / Synaxarium

ውዳሴ ማርያም / Praise of Mary

ዓውደ-ኣዋርሕ / Calendar